Joseph Liu

Studio Owner & Trainer

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Picture of Joseph Liu

Joseph Liu is a somatic artist, movement instructor, and massage therapist (LMT #24254) based out of Portland, Oregon. He specializes in teaching movement using anatomy, kinesiology, ideokinesis, and embodiment. His desire is that everyone experiences a deep joy and bliss from all of our daily movements and activities. In his spare time he enjoys partner dancing, cycling, crafting and computer programming.

Joseph has over a decade of body and movement training. He has trained with and received certifications in GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Methods with Emma Kingston, Franklin Method Levels 1 and 2 from Eric Franklin and Morten Dithmer, and Myofascial Release with John F. Barnes. Additionally has studied embodiment with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen of Body Mind Centering, vernacular blues dancing with Barry Douglas of the Hustle Hall of Fame, vernacular jazz and swing dancing with Brenda Russell of DanceMode, and West African Guinea Dancing with Naby Bangoura of Les Merveilles de Guinée. In 2017 he graduated from Oregon School of Massage in the Eastern track which focuses on Shiatsu massage modality.

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