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Jessica John


Picture of Jessica John

Jessica credits Gyrotonic exercise for her rehabilitation from what should have been a career-ending shoulder injury as a circus artist. She enjoys working with all types of movers, who are eager to challenge themselves and inquisitive in maintaining and gaining function in their bodies. She began her study of the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Methods in Washington, DC, under Master Trainers Justine Bernard Shaw, Tracy Monaco Reid, Christina Hritz, and Juergen Bamberger. Jessica is also certified on the Archway and Leg Extension Unit specialized equipment, and has completed the Gyrotonic Level Two Program Two, Applications for Dancers Levels 1 and 2, and Exploration into the Extreme courses for trainers.

Jessica is a performing circus artist and the founder/director of Alter Circus Company. She coaches aerial and other circus arts at studios throughout the Portland area. Jessica is also a mobility specialist and a nutrition coach, who holds Functional Movement Screen and Precision Nutrition certifications.