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What is Massage?

Massage is the use of pressure, friction, stroking, tapping, kneading on the human body to manage heath conditions and maintain good health. Though most commonly associated with spas to reduce stress and improve relaxation, at Center Gyrotonic, we focus on theraputic massage to addresses the client's physical health, mobility, and well being.

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Inclusive & Accomodating

We aim to offer bodywork that is inclusive to as many people as we can. Our motorized massage table allows to effectively work on clients of all sorts of shapes and sizes. We welcome you to come as you are and will meet you as you are. We respect your boundries, sensitivities, health conditions, and other needs, working arond them to the best of our abilities.

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Bodywork tailored to you

We pride ourselves in tailoring our session to your specific needs. Before each massage, we do a brief intake interview to understand the current state of your body and track your wellness goals. These interviews are used to craft a treatment plan that suits you. These plans are updated during and after the massage to ensure we are on the right track and the same page

  • Client Centered

  • Wellness Focused

  • Inclusive & Accomodating

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