The Gyrokinesis® Method

Build functional strength from the comfort of your home.

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What is the Gyrokinesis® Method?

Gyrokinesis is an accessible way to strengthen your body and expand your natural range of motion. Each carefully designed sequence connects spiraling movements with the rhythms of your breath. With no need for special equipment, these exercises can be done anywhere by anyone. Practice from your home, on trips, or even at your desk. Gyrokinesis reduces stress, improves your mind/body connection, and enhances performance.

Watch a brief video
Elderly person doing Gyrokinesis

Gyrokinesis Exercise is for Everyone

Whatever your age or ability, Gyrokinesis has exercises for you. With only a mat and a chair, Gyrokinesis can help you heal injuries, manage chronic conditions, experience optimum health, and enhance performance.

Gyrokinesis equipment: mat and stool

Getting Started

Center GYROTONIC® offers private in-person sessions where you can master the movement sequences as well as group classes.

  • Simple equipment

  • Practice at home

  • Privates & Classes

Take an online class!

Online classes of held several times a week. Take one that fits your schedule!

Simple equipment

All you need is a chair and a mat. We recommend a stool without a back and a towel on top of a yoga mat.

Multiple weekly classes

We offer multiple weekly classes at different times of the day.

Online classes

Online classes available through Zoom.

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