We offer privates, semi-privates and group classes in GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® to students of all ages and abilities. Privates and semi-privates are customized to meet the individual needs and objectives of our clients, including injury rehabilitation, increased athletic performance, and overall fitness.

Certified Gyrotonic Trainer Rates

Gyrotonic Sessions


  • Single 85

  • 5-pack 400

  • 10-pack 750

Introduction Package*

  • 5 Session Introduction 300

* For those new to the GYROTONIC® system


  • Single Duo 55

  • 5-pack 250

  • 10-pack 450

Groups of 3+

  • Single Group 45

  • 5-pack 200

  • 10-pack 350

* all packages expire 60 days from date of purchase, please purchase wisely

Gyrokinesis Classes

Our Gyrokinesis drop-in classes offer similar benefits to Gyrotonic training except the exercises are performed on the floor or seated on a stool without additional equipment.

  • Single 20

  • 5-pack 90

  • 10-pack 150

Gyrotonic Master Trainer Rates

Gyrotonic Sessions


  • Single 120

  • Personal Intensive Varies

    2-6 hours over the course of one week

Shared Sessions

  • Master Classes Varies

    Please check our classes page for information on master class descriptions and pricing.

Licensed Massage Therapist Rates

Joseph Liu #24254 mixes Swedish, Shiatsue, and Mayofascial release techniques.

  • 60 Minute 85

  • 90 Minute 127.50

  • 15 Minute Cupping 21.25

Independent Rates

Independent Workouts

Independent Session gives you a generous 90 minutes of gym time to develop and work on your Gyrotonic practice.

Independent Sessions

  • Single 22

  • 10-Pack 200

  • 20-pack 350

* Independent packages expire 1 year from purchase date.

Gym Membership

Gym Memberships allows students drop in to the gym through out the day and evenings without booking ahead of time. This gives you to the flexibility to work out at your schedule. Membership is granted on a case by case basis for clients who have demonstrated competency on 2 or more pieces of equipment and plan on using the gym at least once a week.


  • 1 Month 85

  • 3 Months 235

  • 12 Months 800