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Gym Membership

Take control of your body's wellness

Deepen Your Practice

Our unique gym membership program offers you the opportunity to develop your own self-study and practice. When you invest time in your well being, practice becomes the birthplace of change. We find that new clients who practice GYROTONIC® at least twice a week make the most rapid progress. Most GYROTONIC® studios only open their studio to privates and group classes, so we created this opportunity to empower you in your practice.

People doing GYROTONIC exercise
Gyrotonic equipment: Pully Tower Combination Unit

Freedom to Move

Members can schedule unlimited independent workouts in a month. With access to the equipment at the core of the GYROTONIC® method, you can master the techniques, heal your body, and become part of the Center GYROTONIC® community. Working with one of our talented trainers, you can also learn personalized workouts to practice on your own, making the most out of your private sessions. As a member, you can deepen your practice affordably.

  • Off hours access to the studio

  • Unlimited independent workouts

  • Monthly or yearly memberships

Try an Independent Workout

Independent workouts are a great way to start your own practice without the commitment of a membership. Each session is 90 minutes long to allow you plenty of time to warm up, cool down and explore the GYROTONIC® movements. Contact the studio for more information.