Covid-19 Policies & Procedures

Multnomah County is in Phase 1 of reopening. Center Gyrotonic is open for business.

On this page, you will find the studio’s current policies and procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will be keeping this up to date to reflect state and county health officials’ guidelines.

Social Distancing:

For the time being we have reduced the studio’s capacity to ensure proper social distancing. These include:

  • Max capacity of 7 individuals in the studio at any given time. This includes instructors, clients, and gym members.
  • Mornings from 8am – 12pm are reserved for at risk clients. 1 private at a time. No gym memberships.
  • Afternoons and evenings are open for the rest of the public so long as the max capacity of 7 is observed.

Everyone is asked to bring the following equipment for the sessions:

  • A face mask.
  • Clean socks to wear in the studio
  • Water bottle with their own filtered water
  • Towel for benches
  • Any additional props you may desire including:
    • Yoga Mat
    • Pillow / Yoga block
    • Their own Straps

Additional procedures for clients:

  • Please stay home if you are sick. We require clients to be symptom free for 2 weeks before coming back to the studio
  • Please wait outside until your instructors signals that it is ok to enter the studio
  • Maintain a one way flow in the studio by entering through the front and exiting through the rear.
  • Wear face mask when entering the studio. They remain on while you are less than 6′ from other people.
  • Wash you hands before and after your session.

For gym members the following additional procedures apply:

  • Before entering the studio for your workout, make sure no more than 6 people are in the studio.
  • Use the online form to log your workout. This is required to comply with contact tracing rules.
  • Please stay to one tower during your workout and be mindful of others in the space.
  • Each tower is organized as its own unit to minimize travel in the studio. Please use designated support equipment found in the bin next to your tower.
  • Spray equipment down after your workout
  • If towels are used, put them in the laundry bin.
JosephCOVID-19 Policies and Procedures