Center GYROTONIC® was founded in 2001 by owner and Master Trainer Emma Kingston as the first GYROTONIC® studio in Oregon. Today the studio is home to a diverse group of instructors providing GYROTONIC® training to people of all ages and abilities. Center GYROTONIC® is also the only certified teacher training facility in Oregon, with instructors coming from all over the world to learn from Emma’s decades of experience in the GYROTONIC® system.

Our Trainers

Gail Bolte Certified Gyrotonic Trainer

A native of New York, Gail Bolte’s passion for fitness began in childhood and was cultivated at cutting-edge gyms like Crunch and Radu Physical Culture. In 2003, Gail relocated to Portland and embraced Pilates to treat the chronic lower back pain she experienced after having children. Gail’s success with Pilates drove her passion for practicing therapeutic movement and led her to become a certified Pilates instructor. In 2007, Gail relocated to Hong Kong and continued her work as a Pilates instructor at One Pilates Studio. At this studio Gail was introduced to Gyrotonic and quickly realized the benefits of working your body in both linear and circular movements. Gail experienced the benefits Gyrotonic provided first-hand, including increased strength, fluidity, and balance. This exposure, and realization of the power Gyrotonic has on transforming your body, drove Gail to begin her GYROTONIC® certification. Upon her return to Portland in 2009, she completed her Gyrotonic training at Center GYROTONIC® with Master Trainer Emma Kingston. Gail believes that Gyrotonic is the link to health, happiness and inner peace. Her motivation comes from sharing her passion for the GYROTONIC® method and Pilates with others and providing her clients with the inspiration and support they need to achieve their fitness goals.

Heather Jackson Certified Gyrotonic Trainer

Heather trained on scholarship at Rock School of Pennsylvania Ballet and at 14 became a Ballet Major at the University of Utah where she earned her BFA. Heather has danced with Utah Ballet and Ballet West performing classic ballets as well as works by George Balanchine and Paul Taylor. Before leaving Salt Lake, Heather was an administrator and instructor at the School of Ballet West. While currently a dancer with BodyVox Heather has also enjoyed working with skinner|kirk DANCE ENSEMBLE, The Portland Opera, and other choreographic projects. After dancing with BodyVox for 10 years Heather has graciously left the stage but continues to direct BodyVox’s Junior Artist Generator and is expanding her business in certified GYROTONIC® instruction.

Joe Matheson Certified Gyrotonic Trainer

A Portland native, Joe grew up playing soccer, tennis, and skiing on Mt. Hood. He attended the University of San Francisco on a tennis scholarship where he completed his undergraduate studies in Philosophy. After a decade of working in a corporate office and coaching Crossfit on the side, he decided to pursue his interest in fitness, nutrition, and body mechanics full-time. A series of injuries and observing the common body issues people develop through traditional strength and conditioning programs led Joe to try The GYROTONIC® Method, which completely transformed his approach to exercise. Having found a training program that increases strength and stamina while at the same time improves flexibility, movement patterns, and athletic performance he loves introducing others to it. He believes Gyrotonic is an excellent stand-alone program, but also works synergistically with other training regimens and as a tool to enhance athletic performance.

Joseph Liu Certified Gyrotonic Trainer

Joseph's passion for dance and movement started at a young age watching ballroom dance competitions on public television. Their elegance and grace and led him to pursue studies in numerous social dances including Swing, Blues, Tango, and Salsa. His search for freedom of movement through technique lead him to expand his exploration to ballet, West African, yoga, GYROTONIC® method and Franklin Method. Finding both Franklin Method and GYROTONIC® method transformational in his social dancing, he ultimately became certified in both modalities. Joseph enjoys teaching movement from a technical level with an eye towards pragmatism. Drawing from his breadth of knowledge, he is able to connect with his students by demonstrating the direct application of exercises toward their individual goals in movement.

Emma Kingston Master Trainer

Master Trainer Emma Kingston is certified to teach both the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® teacher training programs as well as some of the specialized equipment courses. Emma is also a Licensed Massage Therapist and has a background in dance, Gymnastics and Capoeira (a Brazilian martial art). Emma melds these influences together into her teaching style and works to bring a balanced perspective between the more technical knowledge of the body in tandem with the fun of movement. Originally a native to Northern California Emma grew up amongst the redwoods and has an affinity for nature. Having grown up with scoliosis of the spine and foot problems is what inspired her to seek out an integrative system which lead her to find Gyrotonic movement. Emma found San Francisco Gyrotonic where she studied under Authorized Master Trainer Debra Rose. Over the years Emma has continued to work with Debra Rose but spends most of her time when she can working with Juliu Horvath. After correcting her scoliosis through this system and straightening out her feet, Emma is a firm believer of the effectiveness of Gyrotonic exercise and thinks with the right mind set and determination coupled with the right teacher one can achieve anything one desires in their own body. Emma has developed a special course for teachers in the applications for Gyrotonic to be used specifically on the feet and hands which she is continuing to develop as she brings it to teachers world wide.

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